What the Best CEOs Know

What the Best CEOs Know

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Book Description

A 2002 Library Journal Best Business Book of the Year

The bestselling book that teaches you leadership lessons from top captains of industry

What the Best CEOs Know examines the careers of seven CEOs, world-renowned for their consistent and phenomenal success, and details the methodologies that propelled them to the top as industry leaders. Going beyond anecdotes and quotes to introduce proven methods to help you become a better leader, bestselling business author Jeffrey Krames uses cases, self-assessments, and concise summaries to provide a blueprint-like framework for success.

“Helps you apply the lessons gleaned from these masters.” —Forbes

Download DescriptionWhat are the traits, tactics, and strategies of the business world's most transformative leaders . . . and what can the rest of us learn from them? In What the Best CEOs Know, leadership authority Jeffrey Krames examines the careers of seven of history's most accomplished CEOs--including in-depth interviews with Michael Dell, Lou Gerstner, and Herb Kelleher--to get candid answers to many of today's most compelling business questions.