Innovative Relevance : --Achieving Sustainable M&A Post-Deal Results--

Innovative Relevance : --Achieving Sustainable M&A Post-Deal Results--

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Book Description“Mark Dangelo’s insight and pragmatic advice make this book a must read to all involved in an M&A. He brings clear visibility to the underlying causes of the disappointments so rampant in failing to meet pre-deal expectations. His guidance takes the mystique out of the M&A equation and delivers actionable insights for success.”

—W. Bruce Newcome
Theoris, Inc.

“As in other industries, mergers and acquisitions are a fact of life for the mortgage industry. But they don't work just because someone went shopping. Mark Dangelo’s little book is one acquirers, acquirees and M&A teams should carry around in their back pockets to deal proactively with the challenges and opportunities brought by the new marriage.”

—Scott Kersnar
Mortgage Technology Magazine

“Tomorrow’s post-deal challenges bring far different struggles from those that we face today. Having been involved with more than one significant post-deal environment, I only wish I could have referenced this outstanding ‘playbook’ for the valuable insight that it holds. This book will be referenced by integration teams worldwidefor years to come.”

—Stephen L. Furry
Managing Partner
S.L. Furry & Associates
Former Senior Partner with PwC and Ernst & Young