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The Recipe for Simple Business Improvement

The Recipe for Simple Business Improvement

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Book DescriptionOver the past 50 years, there have been many success stories from companies and individuals using quality and continuous improvement to improve organizational performance. We have come to know and respect the works of great teachers such as Deming, Juran, and Ishikawa, who have taught lasting techniques to millions of business leaders. And we have seen many new quality techniques and strategies such as re-engineering, TQM, and Six Sigma sweep the business world. But achieving successful results is not a simple process, and with all of the different options and opinions available, many business leaders do not know the best way to begin their continuous improvement efforts.

In The Recipe for Simple Business Improvement, author David Till helps explain the different philosophies of continuous improvement, breaking each down to its common similarities. The book lays out an effective and uncomplicated path that can be followed by any organization, small or large, to bring about significant business-improvement. Till introduces his six key ingredients that serve as the building blocks for all successful business improvement efforts. He explains in detail how each works and can be implemented, placing particular emphasis on the role of leaders in the change process. Finally, the last chapter is a short fictitious story that ties these theories and strategies together and demonstrates how they can be utilized in the ‘real world’.

The Recipe for Simple Business Improvement is particularly suitable for application where resources are limited, or there is a desire to gain rapid improvement such as turnaround situations. The book also includes a CD-ROM with forms and worksheets that you can use to implement these changes in your own workplace.