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Networks (Ciritical Studies in Economic Institutions)

Networks (Ciritical Studies in Economic Institutions)

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Book DescriptionThis major two-volume collection presents a comprehensive overview of the scholarly literature exploring the emergence, functioning and forms of networks, focusing on their role in the economy. The collection draws from a broad range of disciplinary backgrounds to combine key writings that have defined the field with more recent contributions in emerging areas of network research. Volume I introduces networks as a distinctive governance structure. The collection explores critical antecedents and social exchange conditions of networks such as trust, reputation, power, and cohesion and also examines the vulnerability of networks. Volume II features pivotal network processes and dynamics such as access, learning and innovation, mobilization and recombination, and diffusion. The collection covers the spectrum of various network forms and elucidates the key features of regional, informal, business and project networks. These insightful volumes will be an essential source of reference for students and researchers alike.