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The Driving Force: Lessons In Teamwork From Saturn And Other Leading Companies

The Driving Force: Lessons In Teamwork From Saturn And Other Leading Companies

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Book DescriptionBuilding Teams Builds Profits And Collaboration Done well, teams inspire and motivate people to give their greatest effort to the benefit of the whole group or organization. And that, in turn, builds organizational efficiency and profitability along with employee enthusiasm. If you use teams or are thinking of using teams in your workplace, Driving Force author Nancy Brown-Johnston will guide you expertly through the options and the process. What Is The Driving Force Approach? Making teams a business strategy. Determine if your staff and organization are ready for teams. Understand and select the type of team your organization needs. Use the comprehensive assessment toolkit to help you evaluate readiness, determine areas requiring development, and institute continuous improvement practices. Why You’ll Want to Read This Book Because it’s written by one of the world’s leading experts on the theory and practical implementation of teams. Because teams can have a tremendously positive impact on your organization’s morale, products, service and image. What Types Of Teams Are Addressed? o Executive Leadership Teams o Virtual Teams o Natural Work Teams o Project Teams o Quick-Change Teams o Global Teams

IsThis Book For Practitioners Or For Researchers/Academics? Both! Nancy Brown-Johnston addresses the needs of both audiences by combining theory and strategy with pragmatic execution tactics. Specifically, the primary audience for the book includes: o Human Resource and Training Professionals o Line Managers o Coaches and Consultants o Organizational Development Specialists o Professors and Researchers o Anyone charged with leading, developing or building a team Bottom Line On The Driving Force To develop teamwork, team leaders, and team members. To strengthen interpersonal relationships and enhance cultural understanding within teams to increase their effectiveness. To achieve organizational goals and increase profitability through increased creativity, collaboration, efficiency, and productivity inside the workplace. To show organizations, leaders, and individuals how to implement a team-building process and how to develop teams to their fullest potential.