The Benefits Performance Process

The Benefits Performance Process

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Book DescriptionFour Steps to a Performance Driven Benefits Plan

Do you find yourself always reacting to the latest crisis in your benefits program? The latest rate increase, discrimination test failure, new compliance requirements or disgruntled employee? In this remarkable new book, you will learn a step-by-step process that will rescue your company from The Reactionary Benefits Trap.

Author Matthew Sears makes a persuasive argument that employee benefits should be treated with the same strategic resolve and methodology that we apply to other areas of business. He is up front about the fact that genuine improvements will take time, planning and effort. The results? More control over your benefits, alignment with enterprise-wide objectives, improved relations between management and employees, and ultimately greater cost effectiveness.

Not all theory, the majority of this book is dedicated to laying out a clear step-by-step process that shows organizations how to get from ignoring the problem to deal with it in an ongoing, productive manner. Sears outlines the dedicated four step process and teaches you how your business can be transformed by leaving habits behind and moving forward strategically.

Read this book and you will learn the concepts and will know how to apply those concepts to your situation. In this easy to digest manuscript, you will find all the tools you need to lead your own self-discovery Workshop, create a Vision for your benefits program, develop concrete Objectives and a Blueprint to accomplish those objectives. With 20+ years experience consulting with public and private sector groups, Sears has a knack for translating complicated concepts into easily understandable steps. The book is rounded out with helpful case studies, providing real-world examples that help to make the book’s principles more concrete. Other useful features include "Teamwork Tips", "Lexicon Lessons", and "Exercise Instructions" which appear in shaded boxes scattered strategically throughout the book. All of these resources clarify the book’s central concepts and enhance its practical utility.