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Be the Hero of Your Own Game

Be the Hero of Your Own Game

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Book DescriptionWHAT IF THERE WERE A WAY to give yourself access to unlimited energy - the special energy you need to succeed in your life? What if there were a way to greatly increase your chances to "win" the kind of life you want? What if your only investment was time, sometimes as little as 30 seconds of your time, before you took an important action? Or a minute or two each morning? What if you could say something to yourself that would change, in a positive way, the kind of things that will happen in your life? Would you do it? There exists an amazing power within you. If you tap into this inner power, you will reach a source that is always with you. It is always positive. It always knows which encouragement you need to accomplish what you intend to do with your life. I call this the INNER CHEERLEADER. Everyone has this power, and I will show you how to access that part of yourself that knows success and knows how to win. We will go through the game together using the Inner Cheerleader as a guide. A cheerleader attitude will get you through the tough times - times when the weaker parts of you want to leave. Bring on the Inner Cheerleader and watch what happens. Success will start to dance around you. When you want to chicken out, the Inner Cheerleader will turn the chicken part of you into a phoenix. When you believe your life or situation is hopeless, you too can rise from the ashes - a new, beautiful and mysterious creation who can cheer you through those challenging little games you face within the Big Game of Life. Some people think cheerleaders are only motivators. That is just not true. While motivation is a part of what they do, a cheerleader has to take massive action to become a cheerleader and to remain one. Actions like practicing skills, learning to stretch the body and mind past previous limits, polishing communication skills, developing teamwork and being able to pull something up from within themselves to lead large groups of people, even and especially when the cheerleader does not feel like it. There are a lot of business skills that cheerleaders learn: planning, creating and practicing the cheers, designing stunning halftime displays, scheduling workouts, coordinating pep rallies, making banners and working with the community. Allthese require plenty of time, effort and a good head on their cheery shoulders. Some of the ideas presented here are truly motivational, and motivation is one key to your success. But make no mistake. You will have to take action, plan and deliver something valuable to the world if you want to succeed. And a cheerleader knows how to do that. Success is beyond motivation. It is transformational. It is a deep knowing that you deserve and have the ability to live the life you desire. What you say to yourself and how you cheer for or against yourself are the most important actions you can take to determine your amount of success in the game of life. The Inner Cheerleader will transform your life. Would you like to have your own cheerleader? You already do, for we all have a cheerleader inside us that we can bring to life. Once you "develop" that cheerleader within, it will always be there for you. There is no time like the present to start! Come with me as we explore how you can access your Inner Cheerleader who will drive you and guide you to the success you’ve always wanted in life. Let’s get started. Let’s reveal that cheerleader within you.