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Pentothal Postcards

Pentothal Postcards

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Book DescriptionFrom 1954 to 1968 a series of postcards from faraway and exotic places arrived in the mail for doctors, nurses, hospitals and public health officials worldwide. Not unlike greetings from a well-traveled friend, these postcards were entertaining and inscribed with a personal message. But their purpose was more than to say "wish you were here;" they were designed to sell one of the most successful pharmaceuticals of our time.This extraordinary and innovative marketing campaign was the brainchild of Abbott Pharmaceutical Company. Over 170 different postcards from about 80 different countries were sent out over the course of 14 years. Most of the cards were manufactured, stamped and mailed in the local country identified on the card, adding to their authenticity for the recipient. In the end, this clever campaign helped to establish Pentothal as a major brand of anaesthetic product. It is still in use. Today, the cards have another unintended purpose – they provide a unique look at places from around the world when it was a much bigger place.This book contains more than half of the cards that were produced, the very best examples; and features cards containing people, places, buildings and other structures. The collection is introduced by Dr. David C. Lai, MD, who has a passion for anaesthesiology, and along the way has developed a minor obsession for Pentothal postcards.