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100 Smartest Marketing Ideas Ever

100 Smartest Marketing Ideas Ever

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Book DescriptionThere are some basic "life" principles that are consistent whether you are a ballet dancer, an ice skater or a stamp collector. We choose different pursuits, both personally and professionally, yet we all end up experiencing lessons, challenges, joys, sorrows, and successes that are very much the same.

So it is with marketing your business products or services. There are some wonderfully effective core principles, ideas, and psychological factors that are effective regardless of what type of product or service is being promoted. Most people’s psyche responds to specific stimuli in predictable ways. Knowing what motivates people and how to package that information is the crux of any successful marketing campaign.

Whether you own a small company, market for a large corporation, oversee the marketing efforts of others, or work designing marketing materials, this book is bound to become your "marketing right arm."