Secrets from the Innovation Room

Secrets from the Innovation Room

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Book Description

Proven techniques for coming up with creative and profitable ideas--every time

Everyone is naturally creative; the key lies in knowing how to tap into that inner creativity anytime, anywhere, and for any reason. Secrets from the Innovation Room explains how the creative process is learnable, just like any other skill. It debunks long-held myths and mysteries, replacing them with a step-by-step process for coming up with innovative, hero-making, and profitable ideas on demand.

Author Kay Allison has years of firsthand experience drawing creativity from others. She uses this knowledge to deliver a results-focused book that stops the "I'm not creative" argument in its tracks. Work sheets, self-tests, examples, and more show you how to consistently come up with ideas that make money--and drive careers forward-- as you:

  • Recognize and avoid the 10 Enemies of Ideas and Innovation
  • Learn and use proven problem-solving techniques in any situation
  • Loosen up creative juices to get ideas flowing