Fear Selling for Financial Advisors

Fear Selling for Financial Advisors

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Book DescriptionTop financial advisors earn big bucks and so have the luxury of hiring staff and investing in sales and marketing systems that keep them winning clients with little effort. But you know if you are starting up as a financial advisor that the going can be rough at first. Recent turnover statistics show that up to 68% of new financial advisors fail within their first year.

Why do they fail?

Well, whether you are working for a large financial institution or if you are an independentadvisor, you basically are running your own small business. You have to brand yourself, market yourself, and sell yourself.

Unfortunately, many financial advisors whom we train don't understand that they are in business for themselves. They have little formal sales training and limited marketing knowledge. They don't know how to set up their own sales and marketing systems - but that's exactly what they have to do if they want to survive in today's cut-throat financial services arena. This book includes all the information from the 2nd edition of FEAR Selling plus newly developed strategies, tactics and techniques specially designed for Financial Advisors.

FEAR Selling For Financial Advisors covers everything you need to know to be a top producer. Find out how to: keep a steady stream of prospects calling you, target wealthy investor segments, set up a highly leveragable referral system, cold call with confidence, position yourself effectively through your 30-Second Commercial, get your prospects curious enough to invite you in to sell them more, bond quickly through proven trust-building techniques, ask the right questions at the right times to the right people, and tailor your offerings to your prospects so that they buy now.