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Don't Mess with My Money : The Dolans' No-Nonsense Lifetime Money Plan

Don't Mess with My Money : The Dolans' No-Nonsense Lifetime Money Plan

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Book DescriptionFrom radio's most trusted advisers, the kind of insider's advice that some experts don't want you to know about -- how to manage your money and build a firm financial foundation that will withstand the inevitable surprises life throws your way.

With their long-running #1 rated personal finance radio show, Ken and Daria Dolan are America's "First Family of Finance." Armed with more than forty years of experience, they have helped tens of thousands of people plan for the future, survive difficult financial times, and cope with unexpected life challenges and emergencies. In Don't Mess with My Money, they draw on a lifetime of personal experience, as well as the tips and strategies from their legion of listeners, to writea candid, tell-it-like-it-is lifetime money guide. Why? Because the people they talk to every day need it.

In the wake of 9/11, and in the aftermath of a yearlong recession and a seemingly endless series of admissions of corporate chicaneryand deceit, people across America have begged for trustworthy help in righting their finances, and for someone to tell them what the real deal is. In Don't Mess with My Money, the Dolans pull back the veil of secrecy and reveal the loopholes, double-talk, and insider secrets that some Wall Street analysts and banks, insurance companies, car dealers, and financial advisers try to keep hidden. The Dolans explain how to avoid getting ripped off, how to get out of debt, how to organize your finances and safeguard your money from layoffs, illness, retirement, and death. They talk about:

• How to prepare yourself for unemployment, divorce, and the death of a spouse

• The three words you must utter the next time you buy a new car

• How to invest without losing your shirt

• The ins and outs of estate planning and retirement

• What you must know about the biggest investment you'll ever make--your home

As all of us are aware, life is uncertain. We need to prepare for the unexpected, from job layoffs and salary freezes to the death of a loved one. In this practical, no-nonsense guide, the Dolans provide the essential information you need to know to gain control over your financial lives and your future.

From the Hardcover edition.