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Protect Your Assets: How to Avoid Falling Victim to the Government's Forfeiture Laws

Protect Your Assets: How to Avoid Falling Victim to the Government's Forfeiture Laws

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Book DescriptionIt’s the middle of the night, and suddenly you’re awakened by a swarm of armed, black-clad law enforcement agents storming through your front door with a warrant to search your property. After ripping the place apart, they’ve found nothing illegal, but based on information they’ve obtained elsewhere, they inform you that property is being seized.

:Never. Not in America,: you’re probable saying. But if you think this couldn’t happen to you, you’d better think twice. The advent of America’s "war on drugs" in the 1980s greatly expanded the power of law enforcement to seize private property based on suspicion of illegal activity alone. While recent laws have attempted to curtail this type of government authority run amok, property forfeitures continue unabated for the most part because the financial incentive is so great: no U.S. tax has ever approached the revenue-raising potential of the asset forfeitures that have taken this country by storm---to the point that they have become a routine part of law-enforcement procedure.

In this book, author Adam Starchild, recounts the appalling true stories of countless innocent citizens whose lives have been turned upside down and torn apart by government confiscation of their homes, businesses, vehicles, and bank accounts---without due process. You’ll find out how others like you have unwittingly fallen victim to this outrageous abuse of government power, exactly what circumstances can place you and your property at risk, and what you can and must do to protect your assets before it happens to you.