Scared Rich : Building Wealth with Confidence

Scared Rich : Building Wealth with Confidence

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Book DescriptionMany of today’s hard-working men and women are inexperienced when it comes to addressing their financial concerns. Moreover, the fear of the fiscal unknown inhibits their decision-making processes. Confusion about the choices and options available leads to fear: the fear of making a mistake from which there is no recovery. Scared Rich tackles the key financial decisions and provides the knowledge every individual needs to confidently achieve financial freedom.

Author Bradley Huffman offers a straightforward process that will allow you to confront important money matters. He outlines steps that will help you enjoy a balanced financial life and create a plan for increased wealth. Scared Rich covers several key areas of financial planning, including:

  • Creating financial goals
  • Tackling debt
  • Understanding insurance
  • Selecting investments and retirement vehicles
  • Assessing retirement risks
  • Preparing an estate plan

Huffman likens financial planning to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. The goal is to spread out the pieces and figure out how each fits together. It may take careful planning, but the finished product is well worth the effort. Once you recognize the pieces, the puzzle is easy to assemble.

Scared Rich is a must-have guidebook that will allow you to overcome money-related inhibitions and solve the financial independence puzzle.

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