Broke! : A College Student's Guide to Getting By on Less

Broke! : A College Student's Guide to Getting By on Less

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Book Description

Want to know the secret to living on less while having a great time at college?

College students give you the scoop on:

  • How to save money on housing and food
  • Earning fast cash (legally of course!)
  • Managinga budget
  • Scoring a great travel deal
    And much more!

    Benefit from their wisdom...

    The best time to buy an airline ticket online is around 3 AM or 4 AM. This is when companies update their systems and lower prices on ticketsthat aren't selling.
    -- Junior, Biology, Carnegie Mellon University

    Don't rely on the paycheck coming on Friday to cover a check you wrote on Tuesday.
    -- Senior, Biology, College of Charleston

    And learn from theirmistakes:

    I didn't know how hard it is to get your landlord to give back your security deposit. Keep really good records and make sure you document damage already in the apartment or your landlord will stick you with it.
    -- Senior, Public Relations, Brigham Young University

    A couple of classmates were stranded in Mexico because the travel agency "forgot" to mention that in the fine print it says that only airfare TO Mexico was included in the price, not the airfare FROM Mexico.
    -- Junior, History/Pre-Law, Ohio State University