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Bankruptcy: An Action Plan For Renewal

Bankruptcy: An Action Plan For Renewal

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Book DescriptionJust the word "bankruptcy" sends such a negative message to many people that they cannot face up to their personal and financial responsibility. For years, they will live in misery trying to manage financial obligations that are simply beyond their means. The myth of bankruptcy is that people greedily spend thousands more than they can ever hope to repay, and with a cynical glee, seek the protection of the courts to the dismay of their creditors.

The reality of bankruptcy is that mostpeople want to and try to repay debts. Bankruptcy results far more often because of events not in our control: loss of a job, health problems, disability, divorce, lawsuits, tax problems and more. The courts have created and administered a fair, reasonable system whereby honest people can find relief from unexpected and unwanted financial burdens.

To help in this time of crisis, the Editors of Socrates Media have assembled one of the finest and most comprehensive personal aids to help you make it work for you.

* Bankruptcy laws are about to change, and only the Socrates book on bankruptcy will be up-to-date! * Readers will never have to worry if the law changes, because they can go to the bankruptcy landing page for new, free updates and information. * A CD-ROM is included with this book. Readers get more than just a book, they get an entire reference on bankruptcy and credit.