Management Effectiveness Profile: Packet of 5

Management Effectiveness Profile: Packet of 5

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Book DescriptionThe MEP is a cost-effective, 20 minute assessment focusing on the same competencies as the highly regarded MAP/Excel competency model.

Are your managers and supervisors skilled in the behaviors vital to managerial success–the management competencies your organization needs to achieve its goals?

The Management Effectiveness Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument that will give your key leaders a valuable snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. Once they recognize their own competencies, they can explore where to concentrate their improvement efforts so they can manage even more successfully in the future.

The trusted profile is self-scoring, user-friendly, and validated by research. Used in organizations across the country and in individual coaching situations, the tool is a must-have if you want to maximize the power of your most important resource—your leaders.

The profile contains 144 questions organized into 12 key categories of management effectiveness:

Managing Your Job

Managing and Prioritizing Time

Setting goals and standards
Planning and scheduling work
Relating to Others

Listening and organizing
Giving clear information
Getting unbiased information
Developing the Team

Training, coaching and delegating
Appraising people and performance
Counseling and disciplining
Thinking Clearly

Identifying and solving problems
Making decisions and weighing risk
Thinking clearly and analytically

Also available:

The Management Effectiveness Profile Facilitator’s Guide—a complete how-to manual for facilitating a workshop based on the Management Effectiveness Profile.

Conduct a one-of-a-kind learning experience that helps all the managers and supervisors in your organization leverage their strengths and improve upon weaknesses. The guide is also perfect for individual use and self-improvement.

The guide introduces facilitators to the instrument and how it can best be administered. It describes the 12 most-important competencies and how they fit into an overall model of managing effectively. Included are a variety of exercises, discussion ideas and suggestions for workshops and additional learning activities.

Also included are suggestions for bolstering weaker areas, followed up by a Personal Action Plan template and a Contract for Change—both helpful tools in guiding each manager’s step-by-step efforts to improve.