Coaching Effectiveness Profile Facilitator's Guide

Coaching Effectiveness Profile Facilitator's Guide

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Book DescriptionThe Coaching Effectiveness Profile provides a detailed process for assessing an individual's capacity to coach others. This is done by measuring coaching ability in seven separate categories.

When individuals or organizations face significant situations or challenges, one of the first priorities is to understand the issues involved and to work out what needs to be done. In many cases, we do not need any formal assistance to help this process and can think our way through the steps that seem to be most appropriate. However, on occasion the issues or the problems may not be entirely clear and a structured approach can help considerably.

To meet this need, HRD Press has a suite of simple and easy-to-use but comprehensive diagnostic assessment profiles to help people understand their skills or the situations they face more effectively. HRD Press’ diagnostic assessments fall into three categories:

Assessments that measure the individual are concerned with competency. These profiles provide participants with an inventory of their relative skills in subcategories within each topic.

Assessments that measure the team’s or organization’s performance as a whole (usually relative to the individual’s perception of his or her own performance or level of competence).

Assessments that measure a particular task or situation in which the style that is adopted or utilized by the individual or by others is important to understand.

All of these assessments are described in detail on the subsequent pages. In most cases, assessments have comprehensive facilitator guides to explain the underlying structure of the profile and to help facilitators to provide structured feedback. Person and organization assessments also have detailed coaching guides which provide practical "how to" tips on each question in the relevant profile.