Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback

Giving and Receiving Performance Feedback

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Book DescriptionA powerful new model for employee performance improvement

"You have a bad attitude about your job."
"You need to change your priorities."
"You don’t understand how we do things around here."

When negative feedback damages an employee’s self-image, ego and motivation, the employee often gets mad—and blames the messenger. It doesn’t take long for managers to learn not to be the bearers of bad tidings if they can possibly avoid it.

This book explores the limitations of traditional evaluation systems and introduces positive, alternative approaches including a new concept, Self-Directed Feedback.

Now you can offer employees all the performance information they need to grow personally and professionally.

Using forms, questionnaires, case studies, and action plans, the author presents step-by-step guidelines to make feedback about the negative side of performance easier to give—and easier to swallow.

Here’s a brief outline of some of the chapters:

Making Performance Feedback Meaningful—10 common pitfalls of performance systems
Feedback Perspectives—the leverage perspective, matters of degree, politics of performance feedback, halos and horns revisited, guidelines for giving negative feedback
Feedback Consequences—formal and informal recognition, psychological effects of performance feedback, truth is a point of view, almost perfect, self concepts
Levels of Performance Feedback—no feedback, no formal feedback or documentation, formal performance feedback including personalized communications, 360-degree feedback, team feedback
Self-Directed Feedback—how it works, learning to accept it, designing your self-directed feedback plan, developing self-directed feedback questions