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Life's a Game So Fix the Odds : How to Be More Persuasive and Influential in Your Personal and Business Life

Life's a Game So Fix the Odds : How to Be More Persuasive and Influential in Your Personal and Business Life

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Book Description"The Government would do well to appoint someone to teach us all how persuasion and influence work. I believe it's one of the key skills for everyone who wants to get on in life or business to learn. I'd give the job without hesitation, or even an interview, to Phil Hesketh. This book is the definitive guide to being more persuasive and influential." Steve McDermott, author of the bestselling How to Be a Complete and Utter Failure in Life, Work and Everything and winner of the European Business Speaker of the Year award.

Suppose there was a way to earn more money, get your own way and be more popular. There is. Life's A Game So Fix The Odds is a guide to some of the most powerful influencing and persuading techniques known to man. It shows you how to achieve what you thought was impossible. It reveals how positive communication really works. It proves that you can meet any challenge if you apply yourself in the right way.

Philip Hesketh uses accessible and memorable persuasion techniques that will have you laughing along and itching to use them. The principles can be applied to a whole range of life's challenges – from getting the best table at a restaurant and surpassing sales targets, to remembering people's names and negotiating a better salary. It's all within your grasp. It's so simple if you know how. Now you do.

Philip Hesketh is a psychology graduate who enjoyed a highly successful sales career at Procter & Gamble. In 1986 he was creator, Managing Partner and New Business Director of Advertising Principles, an advertising agency that has grown into a multi-million pound business. Having spent his entire working life studying and practicing persuasion and influence, Philip is now a speaker on 'The Psychology of Persuasion'. He mixes thought-provoking, well-researched, persuasive techniques with his own highly entertaining, unique brand of humour. The result? Audiences leave Philip’s events inspired and better informed on how buying, selling, persuading and influencing actually work.