The Beauty Of Craft: A Resurgence Anthology

The Beauty Of Craft: A Resurgence Anthology

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Book DescriptionCraftspeople usually leave their work to speak for itself, so it is a rare privilege to have the thoughts, stories, experiences, observations, and feelings of such skilled people in a book that enables us to share their insights on the nature of their work and the way they live. Most of the contributors have been featured in Resurgence magazine, which regularly features crafts and their connection with spirituality, ecology, and sustainable, joyful living. The work of these creators comes from their great dedication to their craft and the sincerity with which they integrate their philosophy into daily life—in much the same way that their bowls and baskets, chairs and tables, shoes and spoons are art for daily use. Their words inspire and their works delight. These essays, accompanied by beautiful color photographs, encourage us to have faith in the human spirit and the human endeavor. Artist and crafts include:

* Philip Baldwin and Monica Guggisberg, glassblowing

* Clio Mitchell, weaving

* Louis Allison Cort, basket making

* Ianto Evans, cob

* Margot Coatts, silversmithing

* Roger Deakin, leather work

* Edmund De Waal, pottery