Type in Motion 2

Type in Motion 2

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Amazon.comType in Motion: Innovations in Digital Graphics is a high-energy, brilliantly colored coffee-table book--and a serious exploration of the latest trends in type design in commercial and fine art as well.

The book is an intensely visual guide to the variety of type designs in today's media. It examines movies such as Prospero's Books and The Pillow Book , where beautiful calligraphy plays a large role, and movies such as Mission Impossible and Good Will Hunting , where the titles are produced with careful attention to typography. The writers also explore type design in commercials and documentaries. A variety of pieces they present were originally delivered on CD-ROM, Web site, video, book, or other medium--there's even a sculptural toy--and include interactive press kits, experimental design showcases, digital opera, interactive calendars, and scientific research on type.

Throughout, captions explain the design, interface, and animation of each project, and pictures illuminate the nature of each. If you're a serious artist who enjoys manipulating type in ever more creative ways, this book will serve as an inspiration for your own work. And even if you simply dabble in art and appreciate the lovely ways inwhich typography and script can deliver a message, Type in Motion will be a source of great reading and viewing pleasure for you. --Kathleen Caster Book Description The most advanced typographic work from around the world, from one-person experimental studios to university-based research groups.

It has been six years since the publication of the internationally successful Type in Motion , the first book to present an overview of animated digital typography. Six years is a long time in the digital world, and creative innovation in motion graphics continues unabated.

Over eighty projects are presented here in detail and arranged into five chapters that address particular issues facing today's designers. "Identifying" looks at kinetic typography's role in branding through media such as television identities, program titles, and transition sequences. The delivery of information about a product, service, or event through a typographic message is considered in "Informing." Stitching together word, image, and sound to create stories and establish a context, "Storytelling" addresses issues of narrative, in which the designer establishes the framework but the user creates the story. "Traveling" focuses on the user, from Web site navigation to chat rooms. "Speculating" features a wide spectrum of experimental projects in type and letter design, exploring new ideas, functions, and methods of communication.

Type in Motion 2 raises visual communication and motion graphics to new levels and captures the true spirit of innovation and imagination in the contemporary design scene. Over 300 illustrations in color and black and white.