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Xtreme Interiors (Xtreme)

Xtreme Interiors (Xtreme)

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Book DescriptionFollowing the success of Xtreme Houses, this new book steps inside today’s coolest dwelling spaces to see how advances in technology and architectural creativity are transforming not just where we live but how we live.

Xtreme Houses shows how architects, artists, collectives, and individuals push the envelope of what’s innovative, eco-friendly, and economical for today’s residences. What’s next? Xtreme Interiors, and it’s every bit as design-savvy and provocative as its predecessor.

Houses that bring the outdoors in. Walls that roll, zip, and bend. "Smart" wallpaper. Portable kitchen/bathroom combinations. "Calming" closets and programmable, safe rooms. Each of these concepts and more are examined in the same inventive and eye-popping format that made Xtreme Houses such a visual treat. This selection of forty actual and imagined interiors shows how the most creative designers, individuals and collectives in the world are reimagining our living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The authors study the impact of computers and sensor technologies; investigate accessories borrowed from industrial and public spaces; rethink assumptions about a house’s footprint; and trace design shifts from rationalto radical, square to open, box to blob. The result is a revolutionary "lifestyle" guide that will practically jump into the hands of anyone wondering what’s next in the world of interior design.