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Breaking Designer's Block: 501 Graphic Design Solutions for Type, Color, and Materials

Breaking Designer's Block: 501 Graphic Design Solutions for Type, Color, and Materials

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Book DescriptionBreaking Designer?s Block is a vast collection of some of the most varied work from the world?s leading designers. This book is broken down into three core areas: color, type, and materials.

The color section opens with a historical look at the colors pallets that have dominated each decade from 1900 through to the end of the century and is followed by an extensive collection of graphic work whose use of color has driven the design of that piece. Whether bold or subtle, symbolic or clich?, each piece is inspired and well crafted.

The type section opens in the same manner as the color section but focuses on the various fonts that have been popular over the decades. This feature offers readers the ability to use accurate historicaldesign treatments in their work for appropriate projects. This section is followed by a collection of 12 top designers from around the world who are known for their powerful use of type including: Jonathan Barnbrook, Typerware, Plazm Media, Smay Vision, Fred Woodward / Rolling Stone magazine, and DJ Stout.

The final section of the book takes a look at a wide array of innovative graphic design pieces that have incorporated imaginative materials to convey powerful messages, and connect with audiences on a deeper level. This exceptional collection, from fur-covered books to Christmas cards stitched on men?s briefs, clearly demonstrates the remarkable power that designers have to engender wonder, excitement, and a sense of ownership, in today's consumers.

An invaluable resource for fresh ideas, Breaking Designer?s Block will stimulate and inspire designers to open their minds--and their art--to create work that is memorable, thought provoking and visually driven.