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Outsize: Large Scale Graphic Design (Graphic Design)

Outsize: Large Scale Graphic Design (Graphic Design)

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Outsize graphics are now more than ever part of the environment. From the period adverts painted on the long-concealed sides of buildings to the latest in state- of-the-art high-tech digital building cladding, Outsize explores in detailthe concept, design and application of large scale graphics. The book features the work of well-known designers around the world, and fully investigates the issues surrounding large scale graphic design, from exterior navigation and corporate identityto avoidable pitfalls such as visual pollution. On a practical note, it provides helpful design hints, ranging from what type sizes are visible at which distances to applying graphics on different substrates such as brick, glass or the body of a bus. There is also an explanation of the major techniques involved. Any designer working on graphics above desk-top size, from posters through interiors, buildings, exhibitions and vehicle liveries, will find Outsize an invaluable professional companion.

Chris Foges, formerly editor of Graphics International magazine, is a London-based design writer and editor. He has written on design for a wide variety of publications in Europe and the US. This is his fourth book.