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Industrial Interiors: Shops (Industrial Interiors)

Industrial Interiors: Shops (Industrial Interiors)

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Book DescriptionBe lured inside some of the most enticing shops in the world.

Whether you shop uptown, downtown or around the corner, Industrial Interiors: Shops goes into every kind of retail space to showcase real-world retail design at all ends of the market. From the plushest department store to the grittiest tattoo parlour, from the most exclusive boutique to the remainders and rejects aisle, Industrial Interiors: Shops lets you look through the customer's eyes, and experience the art of shopping in some of Asia-Pacific's most tempting spaces.

All too often, interior design is conceptual and divorced from reality - it forgets that spaces are designed to be occupied by human beings with ideas and designs of their own. The 'Industrial Interiors' series breaks the mould of the interior design book to reveal a very different perspective. Shops offers a truer insider view of spaces, both public and private, showcasing real-world interior designs.