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Paul Rotterdam: Paintings And Sculptures

Paul Rotterdam: Paintings And Sculptures

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Book DescriptionThe first retrospective catalog of this Austrian-born artist's work over the past half-century.

In the nearly five hundred works that make up this luminous collection, Paul Rotterdam's evolution as an artist is strikingly evident. Thematically as well as technically, Rotterdam--whose work has gained increasing acclaim in the U.S. where he has lived since the 1960s--can be called an abstract expressionist. But looking beyond the delicate steeliness of his canvasses, which are reminiscent of Rothko, Kandinsky, and Mondrian, the influence of nature and landscape is readily apparent. Featuring large-scale as well as smaller works—many of which are included in this country's most renowned museums—and complemented by six essays, this monograph displays Rotterdam's creative journey, in which he has found the fragile balance between emotion and reason, imagination and form.