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After Whistler: The Artist and His Influence on American Painting

After Whistler: The Artist and His Influence on American Painting

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Book DescriptionJames McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) left the United States for Europe at the age of twenty-one, never to return, and his style developed independently of American art currents. Nonetheless, he left an indelible mark on the art of his native land, for his modernist aesthetic influenced the work of a generation of American painters. This beautifully illustrated book-published to commemorate the centenary of the artist's death-addresses Whistler's extraordinary legacy and establishes his pivotal place in the history of American art. After Whistler juxtaposes fourteen of the artist's most important works with an array of pictures by thirty-eight other American painters-including Henry Ossawa Tanner, William Merritt Chase, and John Singer Sargent-to demonstrate how Whistler's American contemporaries were affected by his techniques, color palette, compositions, and subject matter. The introduction to the book provides an overview of Whistler's association with American artists and the receptionof his work in the United States. The essays that follow discuss Whistler's Venetian sojourn and its effect on the American artists who flocked to that city; his relationship with Philadelphia's art community; the Whistler Memorial Exhibition held in Boston in 1904; and much more. This insightful volume is essential reading for anyone interested in American art and Whistler's role in its history.