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The Key To The Kingdom

The Key To The Kingdom

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Book DescriptionTransformation cards, or decks of playing cards in which conventional suit signs were transformed into fanciful designs, originated in 18th century Europe. The Key to the Kingdom recreates this clever conceit with awe-inspiring flair and inventiveness. Our extraordinary book-plus, first published in 1992 (more than 70,000 copies sold) comprises a deck of richly illustrated transformation cards designed by award-winning artist and illustrator Tony Meeuwissen, plus an accompanying book of corresponding verses. Now the deluxe edition features an even more stunning package with new slipcase and book cover design. Both the book and the fabulously illustrated deck of cards draw on traditional nursery rhymes and riddles for inspiration.Meuwissen's luminous artwork is rich in visual and literary puns which tease the brain and delight the eye. This is truly a one-of-a-kind masterwork from a brilliant artist with an incredible imagination.