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Fons Hickmann: Touch Me There

Fons Hickmann: Touch Me There

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Book DescriptionThe Berlin-based studio Fons Hickmann m23 has been a frequent winner of international design awards for years. The company has a reputation among both clients and peers for producing intelligent graphic design that is simultaneously well structured and galvanising. Their work always seeks to transcend existing limits without seeming affected.

Touch Me There is the first comprehensive presentation of Fons Hickmann m23’s body of work and demonstrates that sophisticated German graphic design can meld conceptual clarity with a grown-up pop culture sensibility. It features projects – including those that were never implemented – from the fields of poster, magazine, corporate and exhibition design as well as guest contributions from authors and artists. The book is bilingual, appearing in both English and German.

Touch Me There is structured into eight sections that represent the subject areas relevant to Fons Hickmann and his work: music, philosophy, football, architecture, film, politics, art and theatre. A navigation line runs through the book, which also serves as an orientation system, guiding readers to parts of the book that interest them most.