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Bathrooms: Good Ideas (Good Ideas)

Bathrooms: Good Ideas (Good Ideas)

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Book Description

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most common renovation projects for homeowners and interior designers.This is due in part to homeowners shifting desires for their bath space -- trending away from pulsating showers and energizing whirlpools toward the soothing sanctuary of a home spa -- and in part to the ongoing development of new, affordable bathroom fixtures, and in part to the simple fact that a bathroom renovation is widely recognized as the home improvement project most likely to maintain or add value to one's home.

But all the design styles and products available to homeowners can be overwhelming. Coming to the rescue is the latest volume of Harper Design's ongoing Good Ideas series, Bathrooms, including over 600 exquisite photographs that showcase innovative bathroom designs from top designers such as Philippe Starck, Massimo Iosa, Frog Design and others. Each design shows interesting suggestions -- good ideas! -- for your own private bath or home spa. A helpful directory to the featured designers and manufacturers is also included.

Undertaking a bathroom renovation can be a daunting project, but armed with Bathrooms: Good Ideas, you'll have an endless supply of inspiration and information to guide you.