Moonbeam Moths : Silky Thoughts, Dreams of Love & Mysterious Pleasures

Moonbeam Moths : Silky Thoughts, Dreams of Love & Mysterious Pleasures

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Book Description Moonbeam Moths is an escape into love's sacred sanctuary. The world of romantic poetry, passionate desires, sexual ecstasy and soul longings. This is a world where emotional complexity is born from the creative exploration of relationship dynamics. Here, love finds its fullest expression within pleasure, loneliness, depression, anger, desire, tears, kisses, fantasy and dreams of future fulfillment.

Each poem captures the mysterious awakenings of a woman in love with impossibility. As she emerges from the depths of herself, she finds a renewed desire to embrace life.

Through this poetic journey, she discovers the highest expression of her life and begins to comprehend the size and vastness of her destiny.

How do you avoid drowning in a love that fights to reach the surface of yourself? How do you turn emotional pain into love and emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and a willingness to embrace life's ever-changing cycles?

Moonbeam Moths is a collection of poems that focus on silky thoughts, dreams of love and mysterious pleasures. This is the awakening of a poet who survived a dark night of the soul.