What Can You Do with a Major in Psychology : Real people. Real jobs. Real rewards. (What Can You Do with a Major in...)

What Can You Do with a Major in Psychology : Real people. Real jobs. Real rewards. (What Can You Do with a Major in...)

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Book DescriptionYour guide to glide from campus to career

Newsflash! A degree in psychology doesn't have to lead to a lifetime of listening to patients on couches. Whether you're a student considering majoring in psychology or already have a degree and want to begin or change your career, this is your guide to exciting opportunities that range from the traditional to the unconventional. The information goes beyond typical job descriptions to include:

  • Advice on college and curriculum choices—courses, internships, and more
  • Tips to help you land a job you'll love
  • Profiles of real graduates, their jobs, and how they got them
  • Inside, real-life information from an art therapist, a sports psychologist, a forensic psychologist, a school psychologist, a corporate psychologist, and a community psychologist
  • Overviews of typical salary levels, hours, and work environments
  • Extensive additional resources, including Websites, professional organizations, periodicals, and more
  • Licensing requirements

With this thorough analysis of the field, you can base your education and career decisions on practical information plus the invaluable first-hand insight of professionals who have "been there and done that." Download Description

The one-stop guide to the hottest jobs with a psychology degree

Psychology is one of the top four majors in American colleges: Some 75,000 degrees are awarded each year, leading to an array of career options in areas like clinical psychology, art therapy, and criminal investigation. What Can You Do with a Major in Psychology? is the most cost-effective, candid resource on these professional choices¿for students considering the major and grads of any age who want reliable guidance on what to do with degree in hand.

Series author Jennifer A. Horowitz (New York, NY) holds degrees from Columbia University¿s Teachers College and from Barnard College in writing. She has worked in New York City schools, with educational publishers, and as an advisor to parents of gifted children.