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Understanding Advertising

Understanding Advertising

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Book DescriptionWe live in a sea of advertising. It is everywhere we look. It dominates television and radio programming and pops up on your computer screen each time you use the Internet. It's hard to escape the all-pervasive influence of advertising. Since advertisements affect how people spend their time and money, they can hopefully become more discriminating consumers if they are aware of the techniques that advertisers use to get them to buy their products and services.

Squeezed between the covers of this book is a tantalizing unit designed to increase students' understanding of the advertising pressures they face every day and also give them opportunities to create their own ads. Using the worksheets and activities students will learn about: how advertisements appeal to human need, persuasion techniques, advertisements in different media, and what makes advertisements effective.

All this is useful information for everyone in our consumer-driven world. The book includes detailed group lessons, worksheets, and special projects.

For an interesting simulation of the advertising process see Simulation Series: Introduction Pack.

Grades 4-6