Start Your Own Staffing Service (Startup)

Start Your Own Staffing Service (Startup)

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Harnessing people power for profit

Staffing has become the second-fastest-growing industry in the United States, largely by serving a lean business world in which companies are forced to downsize and merge in order to stay competitive. The work still has to be done, but now outsourcing to staffing services, especially for specialized business and technical skills, covers it.

This hands-on guide, from Entrepreneur magazine's highly successful StartUp series, shows the budding entrepreneur how to set up and operate a firm that can supply person power for a narrow or broad range of business needs. Among other topics, Start Your Own Staffing Service covers:

  • Different types of staffing services and the markets they serve
  • Researching the market to find a lucrative niche

  • Determining the best financing, location, and business plan
  • Recruiting and retaining top-quality staffing personnel
  • Attracting and keeping high-value clients

    Whether it serves a huge market, such as office and clerical personnel, or a niche market like engineering or medical specialties, a staffing service can be a real revenue producer for a savvy businessperson who is knowledgeable about matchingpeople's skills with the needs of businesses.