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The Business of Streaming and Digital Media

The Business of Streaming and Digital Media

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Book DescriptionThis book answers the question, "What is the value of using streaming and digital media for my business and what can I expect in return?" The Business of Steaming and Digital Media gives you a concise and direct analysis of how to implement a scalable, profitable venture, as well as the common and hidden pitfalls to avoid in your business. By focusing on both the business implications and technical differences between rich media and traditional broadcast distribution, you will learn how to gain significant time-to-market and cost-saving advantages by effectively using streaming and digital media technologies.

* Strategies to build profitable businesses using streaming and rich media technologies;
* Critical implications of streaming and digital media technologies on today's business;
* Recommendations for evaluating, selecting and implementing the audio and video needs of your company;
* Hard data on the financial aspects of streaming projects and the demographics of users;
* Real-world ROI case studies of what has worked--and what hasn't--from companies such as Ernst & Young, JP Morgan/Chase, Bumble & Bumble, New York City Public Schools, Mastercard, Unisys, and More.