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Pricing Web Services

Pricing Web Services

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Book DescriptionA complete third edition rewrite of its predecessor, Pricing Guide for Web Services now has more tactics, more charts, and more tables. This valuable book is a working guide to pricing strategy and tactics.

Pricing Web Services showsyou how to set your own rates. It makes pricing easy and understandable. Now you can price ANY job with confidence - even bid flat rates on large projects. Using this book, you can thoroughly learn cost and profit. Read dozens of pricing strategies and tactics including when and how to raise or lower price, how to handle price objections and bottom fishers, and how to evolve from free services to paid services. You'll even learn how to counter cutthroat competitors. Learn how to generate a price distribution chart, and then use this to select a pricing range in which to compete. With this book, you'll be able to estimate and bid any project. Earn maximum profit on every job!