How to Settle Your Debts

How to Settle Your Debts

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Book DescriptionHOW TO SETTLE YOUR DEBTS, by Norman H. Perlmutter, CPA, is the book that everyone needs to prevent economic meltdown. It’s the essential, up-to-date, comprehensive and gutsy survival guide to meet this ever growing serious problem offinancial ruin that faces so many of us.

In a step-by-step format it guides individuals, families and businesses through a process that will end debt and reverse insolvency without filing bankruptcy. Even if you're on the brink of financial ruin, with this book you can regain financial health and get a fresh start without committing "financial suicide".

HOW TO SETTLE YOUR DEBTS provides legitimate workable solutions to repair financial chaos. It’s written in a conversational style and organized in an outline format that promotes understanding and ease of reading for the average person. You will learn in no uncertain terms how to climb out of the hole you are in and get your financial life under control without causing irreparable damage to your future in the process.

The author is a practicing CPA and Financial Advisor who formerly owned a Debt Collection Agency. He understands the tactics of the conniving moneylenders and their debt collector enforcers and all the other scam artists who are out there waiting to rip you off. He knows how to deal with these people and how to stop them from harassing you and from ruining your credit and your reputation. Furthermore and most important, with this book he will teach you how to take control of your financial life and get out of the mess you are in.

HOW TO SETTLE YOUR DEBTS is for all those individuals, families and businesses whose debts grow deeper by the day and whose lives are being adversely affected by them. Here’s a summary ofhow the book will help you deal with your problems with debt:

• It will teach you the basics – what you're up against, who the predators are, how to recognize and avoid their debt traps, the fundamentals of debt, the risks you take when youdon't pay, and what they can and cannot do to collect from you.

• It will help you understand your problem – by following the steps outlined you will be able to expose, examine and evaluate your dilemma with debt, how it's affecting your life and the options you have to deal with it.

• You will learn to know your enemy – what makes creditors and bill collectors tick, what motivates them, what their weaknesses are, how you can exploit them and how they are vulnerable to attack.

• It will show you how to keep the wolves at bay – by creating doubt as to the validity and the collectability of your debts and by using "Dirty Tricks" and Counter Attack Techniques to frustrate and discourage creditors and bill collectors.

• It will teach you about your rights and how to take advantage of them – federal and state laws enacted to protect you from abuse and to punish bill collectors who violate them.

• You will learn how to negotiate a debt settlement plan – using basic negotiating skills and built in leverage to set up an advantageous arrangement with your creditors to workout and settle your debts.

• How to use the "Golden Rules of Debtsmenship" - to protect your assets and your privacy and to safeguard credit, and where necessary, how to repair credit and rebuild it.

• How to deal with lawyers – to negotiate debt settlements, contest lawsuits and protect your assets from judgment levies.

• How to settle secureddebts and tax debts – by recognizing and seizing upon opportunities to settle or otherwise favorably resolve these debts that creditors have more power to collect.

• How to settle business debts – by understanding the differences that must be considered when negotiating workouts and settlements with business creditors.

• Where to get help if you need it - and how to watch out for all the scam artists who are out there waiting to take advantage of you.

• It’s a reference manual as well as a guide – with its outline format and comprehensive index the book can be used to easily and quickly obtain information on any of the many subjects covered relating to debt and debt relief.

HOW TO SETTLE YOUR DEBTS ~ Without Committing Financial Suicide ~ shows you how to end debt and reverse insolvency without resorting to the self-defeating and demeaning ordeal of filing bankruptcy. It provides you with all the knowledge, the techniques and insight required to successfully accomplish this.