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Radical Simplicity: Transforming Computers Into Me-centric Appliances

Radical Simplicity: Transforming Computers Into Me-centric Appliances

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Book DescriptionEnd-user expectations will go through a radical change within the next 10 years. Don't miss the wave--rearchitect products and services now.

Provides insights into new technology trends, business cases and paradigms and explains future paradigms of computing in laymen's terms.

Explains the technologies behind the next generation of the Internet. Shows how new business can be generated through the creation of me-centric devices.

This book is about change. Me-Centric computing will revolutionize how we approach computing and appliances of all types. In fact, we won't have to approach them at all. In some cases they will "know" what it is we want them to do. In this book, technology and business strategists learn how to makeme-centric computing work for them. Until recently, the growth of computer usage has been driven primarily around the ability of computers to crunch numbers, handle text, and edit documents and slide presentations. Computers in the backroom were invisible to us. Productivity gains were modest initially and probably reached diminishing returns some time ago. The world is about to be turned upside down, however. This new technology is called "me-centric" because it fits into the individual's life in a natural way, conforming to preferences and requirements, taking orders, and performing a variety of delegated tasks. In me-centric computing, every appliance becomes part of my environment, my team, my extension. I get increased power, save time, have more fun, do fewer menial tasks because the vast power of computers, communications, and software is working in concert to do my bidding.