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The Kids' Guide To Business

The Kids' Guide To Business

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Book DescriptionThis guide provides a kid-friendly approach to introduce, prepare and launch kids into business. Kids take steps to develop a business and are easily engaged in the book as they explore an advanced lemonade stand business case using an innovative business development tool for kids.Download Description"The Kids' Guide To Business" helps kids get started in business in a kid-friendly way. Kids will get interested in business as they learn business is a game kids can play. Kids develop a business with the help of a unique "Develop A Business" system; encouraging them to explore & discover business, gain valuable experience, responsibility and confidence. This book was inspired by hundreds of kids resumes submitted to TeachingKidsBusiness.com that revealed a lack of business/work opportunities for kids, in addition to their desires for new challenges. Fun is guaranteed as kids have been given the job of creating fun in their businesses. Ideal for kids 8-14 interested in their futures, for parents, teachers and youth minded service groups interested in preparing kids for their futures. This book is a great "gift of business" idea to launch a child into business.