What You Need To Know About The Passion Of The Christ

What You Need To Know About The Passion Of The Christ

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Book DescriptionAfter months of promotion and discussion, Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" has been released in cinemas all over the world. Never before has a film generated so much debate prior to its release. "The Passion" promises to provoke further reaction as people view it.

The Making of the Movie: At first, it sounded like it might just be a quirky art film: a film about Jesus' passion using only the dead languages of Aramaic and Latin and without subtitles. But it has steadily turned into a powerful and popular film that has already become a milestone in cinematic history.

The Message of the Movie: Although liberals have lambasted "The Passion" and allege that its screening will result in a round of anti-Jewish sentiment, a surprisingly wide assortment of pastors and priests have cheered it. In fact, many have been stockpiling outreach materials to capitalize on its message.

The Meaning of the Movie: Many have hailed it as "the greatest evangelistic tool in 2000 years." They predict that it will revolutionize religious life in America and impact greatly on many other parts of the world. What does the crucified Christ mean to you? Do you know Him?

These--and many other--issues are examined in this book.