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The State of China Atlas : Mapping the World's Fastest Growing Economy

The State of China Atlas : Mapping the World's Fastest Growing Economy

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Book DescriptionThis magnificently produced atlas provides a unique visual survey of the profound economic, political, and social changes taking place in China, as well as their implications for the world at large. Completely revised and updated throughout, this new edition of The State of China Atlas marks a radical departure from conventional cartography and provides a fast, highly effective way of conveying large amounts of information through the medium of the map.
China is the world's fastest-growing economy and the second-largest trading nation. With its entrepreneurial outlook and population of 1.3 billion, it offers unique opportunities for domestic and overseas investors. This dynamic volume provides an abundance of information on China's new wealth, growing unemployment, migration to the cities, and trade disputes. It dramatically reveals China's clashes of priorities: between population growth and the one-child family policies; human rights and political stability; energy needs andthe environment. Maps and graphics beautifully illustrate current trends in areas such as the gender gap, national minorities, traffic, investment, marriage and divorce, education, tobacco trade and use, religion, AIDS and SARS, ageing and dependency, and cell phone use.

*Completely revised and updated
*Vivid full-color maps convey a wealth of information quickly and efficiently
*Comprehensive information on China's population, employment, agriculture, industry, and economics