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Never Too Old to Rock & Roll: Life After 50-The Best Years Yet

Never Too Old to Rock & Roll: Life After 50-The Best Years Yet

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Book DescriptionAn unprecedented event is sweeping America: 10,000 baby boomers turn 50 every day! Many expect this aging generation to become an albatross around America’s neck—overwhelming the health care system, bankrupting Social Security, and retreating to retirement villages where they’ll refuse to support social services with their taxes. In Never Too Old to Rock and Roll, Tom Hardin offers a different perspective: Life after 50 can be the best years yet!

Since the 1960s, baby boomers have created radical change. Whether it’s voting rights or civil rights, relating to kids or in the workplace, baby boomers approach life differently. According to Hardin, how this generation approaches aging will also be different.

"Babyboomers are expected to live longer than any generation before them and they’re realizing they have vast options when it comes to their quality of life," said Hardin. "By practicing a revolutionary concept called personal wealth management, they canachieve total wealth and abundance in every area of life—physical, emotional, and especially financial."

If you’re looking for powerful, practical ways to make life after 50 your best years yet, get ready to rock and roll! This book will permanently change the way America looks at aging.