The 10 Minute Marketer's Secret Formula

The 10 Minute Marketer's Secret Formula

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Book Description

A guide to the simplicity and power of neighborhood marketing by the man who perfected the art for McDonald's Corporation

Trying to pull in business beyond a 10- minute drive of one's enterprise is a waste of time, money, and the chance for enviable success. That's the eye-opening assertion of the modern-day father of strategic neighborhood marketing, Tom Feltenstein, in The Ten Minute Marketer Handbook.

Echoing his mentor, McDonald's late founder Ray Kroc, that "it's all local," Feltenstein makes a powerful argument for focusing on one's own backyard.

He describes how to win against bigger companies, bigger ad budgets, and bigger campaigns, explaining in detail:

  • Why mass-media marketing isa dead end
  • Why the best marketing strategy is the oldest--building local customer loyalty
  • Why everything you need to grow their business they already have