Maximizing Autodesk  Mechanical Desktop  2005

Maximizing Autodesk Mechanical Desktop 2005

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Book Description Readers of this book will gain knowledge of the four major modules of Mechanical Desktop?¥, a 3D design application from Autodesk?¥ consisting of part modeling, assembly modeling, surface modeling, and engineering modeling. Maximizing Autodesk?¥ Mechanical Desktop?¥2005 uncovers the secrets of applying the latest version of the software to construct 3D parametric solid parts, generate assemblies, produce 3D NURBS-based surface models, and output 2D engineering drawings, while fostering a familiarity with the utilities provided. The author artfully bridges the gap between purely mathematical and theoretical explanations of computer-aided design and traditional computer tutorials, and explains basic concepts in a way that strengthens learning. Coverage assumes a basic knowledge of AutoCAD?¥?n commands such as lines, arcs, circles, and polylines.