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One Hot Second

One Hot Second

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Amazon.comCathy Young, author of the brassy, bold Favorite Teenage Angstbooks Web zine has finally made her mark on the paper publishing scene as the editor of this stellar collection of teen cravings created to make you blush. In "Someone Bold," Sarah Dessen writes about a former fat girl who learns she deserves better than the first sweet-talking boy who comes along post-poundage. Victor Martinez writes poignantly about how desire can quickly be tempered by divisions of race and class in "The County Fair," and Jacqueline Woodson's story of two girls who loved and lost because of death and drugs won't make you blush so much as weep. And in a genuinely funny turn, Jennifer Armstrong's short riff about a girl whose love object isn't another person, but rather something with four wheels and a gearshift will leave teens helpless with laughter. And that's not all--Norma Fox Mazer, Rich Wallace, Ellen Wittlinger, Nancy Garden, Rachel Vail, Emma Donoghue, and Angela Johnson have also contributed their two cents about pounding hearts and sweaty hands, and the results are a truly strong chain of stories with no weak links. The sexy cover, high-caliber writing, and bite-sized reading pieces guarantee that teens will gobble up One Hot Second in about one hot minute. Like Michael Cart's similarly wise and provocative collection, Love and Sex , this is one book that won't linger on the shelf long before teens discover the tantalizing and oh-so-true words that lie within and compulsively share it (pertinent pages tabbed down) with all their friends. (Ages 12 and older) --Jennifer Hubert Book DescriptionSex. It’s on the minds of every teenager, whether they’re having it, not having it, talking about it, or just thinking about it. In this powerful collection, 11 acclaimed writers for young people capture the various expressions of desire–from first crushes to first times, and all of the charged emotions in between. Here, a sleek new teammate becomes more than a friend; a hopeful date feels his evening unravel; a pale boy delivers a sweet but terrible kiss; a wise girl discovers the real rules about love.

Jennifer Armstrong, Sarah Dessen, Emma Donoghue, Nancy Garden, Angela Johnson, Victor Martinez,Norma Fox Mazer, Rachel Vail, Rich Wallace, Ellen Wittlinger, and Jacqueline Woodson have crafted original stories that are as complex and provocative as desire itself. Because anything can happen in one hot second.

From the Hardcover Library Binding edition.