29 Days to a Smooth Move : 2nd Edition

29 Days to a Smooth Move : 2nd Edition

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Book Description“An absolutely great, funny, thorough, interesting step-by-step guide to moving. Covers virtually everything you could think of, and a few things you didn’t. Well written and superbly organized, this one’s a keeper.”

— APEX award judges, after naming 29 Days To A Smooth Move an APEX Grand Award winner

What Our Readers Say:

“I have made over 20 household moves from across town to cross-country—including moves to and from Alaska. I can’t say enough about 29 Days To a Smooth Move . Do yourself a favor and use this book!”

— Carol Marquez Pacific Beach, Calif.

“This is a straightforward,easy-to-read and witty guide I recommend to anyone who is planning a move—whether it is across the country or across town!”

— Andrea Valerio Erie, Pa.

“Thank you! 29 Days To A Smooth Move providedme an easy step-by-step approach to my upcoming move, minimizing my anxiety and stress of relocating.”

— Brad Castleman Fort Wayne, Ind.