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Aureole : An Erotic Sequence

Aureole : An Erotic Sequence

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Amazon.comCarole Maso's Aureole is a brilliant, fragmented, overtly sexual novel of an American woman coming to terms with her sexuality, her lesbianism and her erotic relationship to the world. Maso's early work like Ghost Dance were precise, sophisticated linear narratives that explained how the world worked. She has been moving towards a highly personal and impressionistic style in AVA and The American Woman in the Chinese Hat that explains, through innovative use of language and cadence, how the world feels. Aureole is a textured, linguistic and measured journey in which Maso makes us experience the sound and taste of the word itself with an eroticism of language that is as sensual and tactile as touch itself.Book Description

Two women leaf through a book of French slang, with its delicate and delicious mixing of food and sex. A man and a woman sit in a Parisian dive, caressing each other's hands. Two lovers take late-night refuge in a beach cabana, their lovemaking lit by the lights of his automobile. These are glimpses of some of the haunting scenes and characters that people this sometimes wild, sometimes elusive exploration of desire's magical and subversive qualities.


"Carole Maso is that rare creature-an original! Her voice and vision are like no one else's."-Edmund White


Carole Maso is the author of Ghost Dance, The Art Lover, Defiance , and other novels. She has received many awards, most recently the Lannan Literary Fellowshipfor fiction.