Smart Power : An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency

Smart Power : An Urban Guide to Renewable Energy and Efficiency

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Book Description

Concern over energy supply, costs and environmental problems are not limited to those prepared to venture into the countryside to an off-grid life. Urban people – now the vast majority in the western world – share the same fear about what lies ahead. Yet the average North American family will spend over one quarter million after-tax dollars on energy in a lifetime. The difference between North American and European energy consumption is waste and inefficiency - or, simply, wasted money.

$mart Powershows homeowners that using less energy or adopting renewable-energy technologies is not about making drastic lifestyle sacrifices, nor is it expensive. In fact, energy efficiency oftenimproves lifestyle through lower operating costs, a more comfortable environment, and increased disposable income. $mart Power shows that our concern for first cost when purchasing appliances and consumer goods is robbing us blind. For example, keeping a15-year-old fridge rather than replacing it will actually cost 4-5 times more than the new model because of wasted energy costs.

This richly illustrated book includes chapters on:

• Energy efficiency
• Space heating and cooling
• Community power
• Energy efficient transportation
• Photovoltaics, wind and biofuels
• Batteries, voltage regulation and inverters
• Solar water heating and backup power

William Kemp is VP Engineering of Powerbase Automation Systems Inc. and a consulting electronics/software designer who develops control systems for low environmental impact hydroelectric utilities worldwide. He is a sustainable living and clean energy advocate working in renewable energy heating, energy efficiency, photovoltaic, microhydro and wind electric systems