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Real Homes

Real Homes

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A refreshingly broad vision of interior design through homes that mirror their owners’ personalities “Real homes” are a reflection of their owners’ personalities and interests rather than a homage to current trends. In her perceptive photographs, Solvi dos Santos shows a range of living spaces that satisfy fundamental needs but are also private works of beauty and self-expression. This collection of homes, from a warehouse in Paris to a converted church in the Hudson Valley to a farmhouse in Ibiza, reveal spaces that are original, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Mixing materials, periods, and styles—country comfort with contemporary, traditional finishes with sleek and modern materials—the spaces communicate an effortless effect and a sense of everyday living. With hundreds of beautiful photographs accompanied by texts by Phyllis Richardson, the book will appeal to everyone who is seeking inspiration to create a home that springs from one’s personal history and taste. 650 color illustrations